Wedding of Jessica and Sam

A love story that started in grade school. They knew they were meant for each other. Through years of school, friendships and memories, this couple was ready to start their next chapter.

Sam went the extra mile to make this proposal unforgettable. Instead of reading more of our lovey-dovey descriptions… just view the video yourself.. be sure to have some tissues handy! This beautiful couple and their love story went viral… and how could it not?! As this was just the start of a joyous celebration.

As time speeds by and March 19th arrives, Jennifer Childress captures their magnificent beauty in our beloved city of Philadelphia.

This couple’s story was even shared on Philly Mag! Read more here. Crystal Tea Room was a perfect venue to hold this couple’s 300 guests while glowing in elegance from candle light and their beautiful chandelier. Finley Catering never disappoints!

As if their proposal video wasn’t enough… their actual wedding video is hard to beat! Atomic Tangerine Films truly shows just how in love this couple is.. how madly they adore each other and the love of their families. We can’t get enough!

Thank you Jessica and Sam for letting us be a part of your magical day!

Venue: Crystal Tea Room, Philadelphia
Caterer: Finley Catering
Cake:  Termini Bros. Bakery
Dress Designer: Vera Wang
Hair/Make Up: Your Day Your Way LLC
Photography: Jennifer Childress
Videography: Atomic Tangerine Films



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