Marvelous Bat & Bar Mitzvah’s

Not only do the details matter on every single wedding big or small but on each event, each celebration, each bat or bar mitzvah these details are what make the space and design come together as a whole. Each light, wire, ribbon, crystal and each petal.. they all hold a critical role in creating and recreating spaces, transforming these unique spaces into a themed event. These bat and bar mitzvahs below were held at E Lounge in Cherry Hill, The National Museum of American Jewish History and The Franklin Institute respectively.

Creativity unleashes and these events unfold to a new level. As our pictures show just a taste of what our team can create.. creativity is endless.  Often working with many props.. flowers find a fun way to be incorporated. Linens, lighting and lounge furniture are crucial to creating an ambiance.

Whether crystals and glam or science and baseball, each party is unique and amazing.

Are you planning a bat or bar mitzvah in or around Philadelphia? Call or email us today! We would love to meet with you and your daughter or son in our studio. Let the fun begin with us and your decor! 


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